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    How valuable would fewer defective products be to your business?

    There are always errors in production processes. Their number needs to be reduced in order for fewer products to be defective. 

    If we wait until products are fully completed, end-of-line inspection is expensive and still doesn't usually catch 100.00% of defects. 

    A much better approach is to work on the processes so that there are fewer errors. We already looked into the way statistical process control can be used (the webinar we ran in Spring 2017). Another very powerful approach is to mistake-proof the processes. 

    There are several types of mistake-proofing devices/systems:
    • Make the error impossible. That's the best.
    • Detects the error immediately and takes action (stop a machine, ring an alarm for an operator to come...).
    • Make the error less likely: Checklists, work instructions, etc. Some people refuse to call that "mistake proofing," because it is not as good as the first two.

    The idea is "build quality into the product" rather than "inspect quality out of the product". 

    As Deming wrote: 
    Inspection does not improve the quality, nor guarantee quality. Inspection is too late. The quality, good or bad, is already in the product. 

    In this eBook, CMC engineers show 14 interesting mistake proofing examples of devices and systems, such as:
    • Change in a die
    • Change in a fixture
    • Vision system that detects errors on a conveyor
    • A set of vision systems that detect errors at each step of a process
    • A visual color system that helps operators avoid making mistakes
    • ...and more.

    Use this knowledge to identify and eliminate problems causing defects and/or poor quality in your own factory, saving your company time and money and increasing profits in the long run.

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    14 Mistake Proofing Examples: Improve Quality At Virtually No Cost