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Chinese New Year (CNY), the most disruptive event in China, officially begins on February 5th, 2019. The rush, and subsequent slowdown, often much sooner than that depending on the facility.

Most businesses come to a standstill for the holidays as a flood of workers return to their home villages to be with their families. The Telegraph reported in 2017 that the country's authorities expected the nation to make around 2.5 billion trips by land, 356 million by rail, 58 million by plane and 43 million by sea during Chunyun (春运) — the world's largest annual human travel season. 

And after the holidays, many workers stay home and don't return to their factories. General managers are left scrambling to find and train replacements. So even if the holiday itself is only 3 weeks long, companies can take nearly 2 whole months to return to pre-holiday production levels!

It doesn't have to be this way. If a factory plans its operations correctly and makes changes before and during CNY, it can quickly regain full production and be a stronger, leaner manufacturing machine.  

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Topics: Process Improvement, Manufacturing Consulting, Lean Manufacturing, human resources

The Trade Tariff Ceasefire: What is it and what does it mean for you?

Anyone involved in trade and manufacturing knows that the trade row between the United States and China is not good for business. Rising tariffs on both sides create price increases that are felt in almost every industry.

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Topics: Process Improvement, Manufacturing Consulting, Cost Reduction, Lean Manufacturing

Do you feel the need for external support to improve your China operations? Good news, many companies are competing for your RMBs. The first question you should ask yourself is, ‘what type of manufacturing consultant/trainer do we need?’

In this article, I divided them into 6 categories. The most common categories are listed first, and those more seldom found come last.

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Topics: Manufacturing Consulting, Consulting Method

Factories in China are seldom perfect, having fairly common issues, for example, 'quality fade,' or a lack of a production planning system.

While working with consultants who can come in and help fix your factory on site is a great way to improve operations, what if you're just looking for factory improvement ideas in order to handle this in house right now?

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Topics: Manufacturing In China, Manufacturing Consulting

As I wrote in a previous article about lean manufacturing consulting firms, there are many obstacles consultants have to overcome in China. And, as a consequence, fewer consultants are working on improving operations in China than in North America or Europe.

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Topics: Manufacturing Consulting, Management/Turnaround

As the cost of labor keeps rising in China and other countries, manufacturers are looking for ways to contain that increase. And, if automation is not possible/desirable, they turn to consultants. But what can they expect from consultants, and does it even make sense? This blog offers insight on how consultants can help raise operator efficiency. 

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Topics: Management/Turnaround, Manufacturing Consulting

Chinese manufacturers are starting to show an interest in the Lean approach. Western Lean manufacturing consulting firms are viewing this as an opportunity and are positioning themselves as leaders on the topic. The potential is very high but many cultural obstacles have to be overcome. Let's explore the case for lean manufacturing consulting firms in China in this blog post...

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Topics: Management/Turnaround, Manufacturing Consulting, Lean Manufacturing

Plenty of management consultants, often calling themselves Lean consultants, work for Chinese factories. Unfortunately, their advice and systems don’t always steer the organization in the right direction.
Let’s study two of the major downsides to bad manufacturing management consulting which you should be vigilant to avoid...

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Topics: Lean Manufacturing, Management/Turnaround, Manufacturing Consulting


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