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What Is The CMC Contracted Factory Management Service?

World-Class Factory Managers

World-Class Factory Managers

In this service CMC takes full responsibility for managing your facility, either directly as the general manager, or strategically as “General Management Support” in order not to upset the current balance of power.
CMC brings in Mandarin-speaking, world-class expert factory managers and specialists who will continuously improve your facility, and make it more profitable. Engagements are based on 3-year contracts that require CMC to produce certain deliverables each year, and that reoccur on an on-going basis based on CMC’s results.

How Does CMC Operate In Your Factory?

How Does CMC Operate In Your Factory?

The entire facility’s operation is run by CMC, including Production, Purchasing, Quality, Engineering, Customer Service, HR, Finance, Administration and IT.  Management of Sales and Marketing is also available.

What Are The Typical Engagement Deliverables For Contracted Factory Management?

15 - 30%

Reduction of Variable Costs in the first 2 years of contracted service. 

20 - 40%

Increases in annual profit for years 3 through 6 of contracted service. 


Industry facility set-up with continuous improvement, low worker turnover, highly-flexible manufacturing.