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CMC's Strategic Partners

Does your factory need additional support above that given by our lean consultants? Our strategic partners can help.

The scope of CMC’s missions is clear:

  1. Giving direction to Chinese factories to improve their operations.
  2. Providing tactical support and training when needed, and following up on progress.

We work with two strategic partners to complement our service offering, for those cases where the factory needs more support than we can provide.

These companies are also based in Shenzhen, China.

AKA Outspring

  • Recruitment support for factories, procurement offices, and third-party inspection companies.
  • Operations skills training both on-site and off-site in China.

Action Coaching

  • Coaching of Chinese executives
  • Strategic planning
  • Business model reengineering
  • Organization of team building events
  • Culture change management

We are happy to introduce you to these companies in case you need their services.