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China Manufacturing Improvement Blog

David Collins

David Collins
25+ years manufacturing experience in computer, automotive, aerospace, furniture, and chemical industries.
Build and managed several automotive plants in North America.
Successfully turned around Foxconn’s Mexico plant.
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Recent Posts

Factory manager checking quality of parts

Are Your Production Management Systems For Real (Or Just For Show)?

By David Collins, 12 October 2020
Production Planning, Process Improvement
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Engineer examining equipment in factory

How Basic Quality Assurance Systems Reduce Manufacturing Costs

By David Collins, 30 July 2020
Manufacturing In China, Process Improvement
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Worker conducting quality control on electronic components

3 Examples of Poka-Yoke in Electronics Manufacturing

By David Collins, 7 May 2020
Mistake-Proofing, Process Improvement
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Fabrication schedule of an initial project plan

The Role of Initial Project Plans in Successful Plant Relocation

By David Collins, 8 April 2020
Lean Manufacturing, Chinese Factories, Manufacturing Consulting, Project Management Systems, Plant Relocation
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Factory worker in China

COVID-19 Chinese Manufacturing Disruption: Should I relocate my plant?

By David Collins, 7 February 2020
Plant Relocation, COVID-19 Outbreak
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Map of countries affected by Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

3 Ways to Mitigate Production Delays During the COVID-19 Outbreak

By David Collins, 31 January 2020
COVID-19 Outbreak
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Factory workers discussing next to a production line

How to Implement Poka-Yoke (Mistake-Proofing) Effectively

By David Collins, 23 January 2020
Lean Manufacturing, Process Improvement
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Chinese New Year Red Lanterns Decoration

How to Bounce Back from the Chinese New Year Production Slowdown

By David Collins, 16 January 2020
Lean Manufacturing, Manufacturing Consulting, Process Improvement, Human Resources
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Man controlling factory machinery

Quality, Cost, Delivery (QCD): The Unattainable Trio of Lean Manufacturing?

By David Collins, 8 January 2020
Lean Manufacturing, Cost Reduction, Quality
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Successful Plant Relocation – Step 2: Initial Plan

By David Collins, 27 November 2019
Plant Relocation
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Successful Plant Relocation - Step 1: Gather Preliminary Information

By David Collins, 31 October 2019
Chinese Factories, Manufacturing Consulting, Plant Relocation
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