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Factory managers, especially in China, often think of quality improvement activities as a way to please their customers. They don't see it as a way to save money.

In fact, for many factories, improving quality could reduce overall costs by 20% or more!

You might ask, how is this possible?  

CMC have put together a free eBook to show you:

"How To Cut Costs In Your Factory Through Quality Improvement Activities?"

In this publication we will explain how and why this startling fact is possible based on our experience in China.

If you're looking to improve your factory's output quality while lowering costs at the same time, then this eBook is for you. Keep reading to see what's included in more detail:


How To Cut Costs In Your Factory Through Quality Improvement Activities?

quality improvement activities 

In China things don't always work as they should, and quality improvement education is somewhat lacking in terms of it being a cause of cost reduction.

Oftentimes Chinese suppliers or manufacturers believe that clients want more emphasis on quality, and that this becomes a cost center as it 'takes more time and man power.' But handled correctly, quality improvement can actually save you money, so this eBook is all about demonstrating how and providing a platform to change attitudes in China.

The FREE eBook: "How To Cut Costs In Your Factory Through Quality Improvement Activities?" covers the following tips in far more detail:

  • Why to work on quality improvement
  • Discovering the 4 categories of quality-related costs
  • How to minimize costs of quality
  • Preventative actions to take
  • A real life workshop on quality improvement education and activities
  • Incorrect problem-solving approaches
  • The PDCA cycle
  • Using PDCA in your factory successfully


Take Action Today

quality improvement education

Understanding where to implement quality improvement can reduce your factory's costs by 20% or more. 

This cost reduction is tantalizing, but without the know-how local factory managers, or your suppliers, will sometimes struggle with the concepts and might require some extra quality improvement education! 

CMC have collected the information about quality improvement that you need in: "How To Cut Costs In Your Factory Through Quality Improvement Activities?
Are you ready to get your copy? Just click the button below to request your free download!  

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