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Manufacturing Improvement Blog

Two factory workers in uniform having a discussion.

Plant Relocation: Moving Your Factory to Taiwan

By David Collins III, 23 August 2021
Manufacturing In China, Plant Relocation
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Manufacturing professional pointing at a laptop and explaining something while a factory worker watches and listens.

5 Tips For an Effective Supplier Improvement Initiative

By Renaud Anjoran, 23 August 2021
Supply Chain Management, Supplier Development, Process Improvement
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factory worker looking at screen monitoring

Process Discipline: What Your Process Control is Lacking

By Renaud Anjoran, 26 July 2021
Production Planning, Statistical Process Control, Mistake-Proofing, Process Improvement
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a woman in a factory taking down notes on production

Zero Defect Mentality: History and Steps to Zero Defects Manufacturing

By Renaud Anjoran, 9 July 2021
Production Planning, Quality, Mistake-Proofing, Process Improvement
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cnc machine cutting an object

6 Common Issues Related to the Setup & Maintenance of CNC Machines

By Peter Jacobs, 22 June 2021
Production Planning, Mistake-Proofing, New Factory Setup, Process Improvement, Preventive Maintenance
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two manufacturers discussing in a factory

Top Considerations When Hiring A Manufacturing Consultant

By David Collins III, 16 June 2021
Production Planning, Mistake-Proofing, Process Improvement
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machine arm working on a car in a factory

Challenges with Automotive Manufacturing in China: Identifying the Source (Hunter Case Study)

By David Collins III, 10 June 2021
Production Planning, Mistake-Proofing, Process Improvement
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crane holding up raw materials in a sack

Raw Material Prices Surge: 4 Ways to Manage the Impact

By David Collins III, 4 June 2021
Production Planning, Lean Manufacturing, Process Improvement
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A factory worker looking down at a tablet in a factory

Successful Plant Relocation #9: Maintain and Improving the System

By David Collins III, 2 June 2021
Plant Relocation
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factory workers

Why is a Change Management Consultant Important for your Factory?

By David Collins III, 31 May 2021
Manufacturing Consulting, Manufacturing In China, Process Improvement
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three people working and discussing a machine

Lean vs Six Sigma: What are the Differences for Manufacturers?

By David Collins III, 28 May 2021
Lean Manufacturing, Manufacturing Consulting, Manufacturing In China
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