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Manufacturing Improvement Blog

man in factory moving inventory

Top 5 Benefits of Reshoring: Expert Insights to Help You Make an Informed Decision

By David Collins III, 16 March 2023
Manufacturing Consulting, Process Improvement, Plant Relocation
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men working in factory

4 Innovative Inventory Reduction Strategies 2023

By David Collins III, 21 February 2023
Cost Reduction, Manufacturing Consulting
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Manufacturing consultant

What Does a Manufacturing Consultant Do?

By David Collins III, 9 February 2023
Manufacturing Consulting
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manufacturing worker

Response to “Three Mistakes We Made in China”

By David Collins III, 7 February 2023
Manufacturing Consulting, Manufacturing In China
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Apple store with people inside

Apple's Departure From China: Why You Should Diversify Your Supply Chain

By David Collins III, 30 January 2023
Management/Turnaround, Manufacturing In China
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Temple in China

China Travel is Finally Opening Up: Is it Worth the Trip?

By David Collins III, 17 January 2023
COVID-19 Outbreak
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manufacturing consultant speaking to a group of factory workers

Are Manufacturing Consultants Worth the Investment?

By David Collins III, 5 January 2023
Cost Reduction, Management/Turnaround, Manufacturing Consulting
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Factory workers working on a laptop

Lean Manufacturing: How Excessive Inventory Is Harming Your Factory

By David Collins III, 8 December 2022
Lean Manufacturing, Manufacturing Consulting
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Factory Machinery

How to Optimise Your Lean Manufacturing Training for Chinese Factories

By David Collins III, 6 December 2022
Lean Manufacturing
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two manufacturers discussing in a factory

Top Considerations When Hiring A Manufacturing Consultant

By David Collins III, 29 November 2022
Manufacturing Consulting, Process Improvement
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Engineer Working in Factory

What Are The Types of Preventive Maintenance?

By David Collins III, 15 November 2022
Manufacturing In China, Preventive Maintenance
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