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Manufacturing Improvement Blog

production automation

7 Secrets About Production Automation that Nobody Will Tell You

By Renaud Anjoran, 21 December 2020
Production Planning, Automation, Process Improvement, Preventive Maintenance
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calculating around table

Successful Plant Relocation #4: Cost, Timeline & Scope Targets

By David Collins III, 10 December 2020
Production Planning, Plant Relocation
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factory project managers

Successful Plant Relocation #3: Laying Out an Effective Initial Project Plan

By David Collins III, 6 November 2020
Production Planning, Plant Relocation
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factory worker

How to Actually Fix Your Factory in China with the PDCA Method

By Renaud Anjoran, 27 October 2020
Production Planning, Lean Manufacturing, Quality, Preventive Maintenance
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Factory manager checking quality of parts

Are Your Production Management Systems For Real (Or Just For Show)?

By David Collins III, 11 October 2020
Production Planning, Process Improvement
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Engineers inspecting a factory for site selection

Successful Plant Relocation #2: Defining an Initial Plan

By David Collins III, 4 October 2020
Production Planning, Mistake-Proofing, New Factory Setup, Plant Relocation
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Women working on ceramic

Family-Run Production Management in China Needs to Change

By Cindy Jin, 24 September 2020
Production Planning, Management/Turnaround, Manufacturing Consulting, OEM Manufacturing, Manufacturing In China
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production line

Why Good Production Management Matters in China, Vietnam, & India

By Renaud Anjoran, 3 July 2019
Production Planning, Manufacturing In China, Process Improvement
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workers using a computer

Advantages of a Production Planning System for a Chinese Factory

By Renaud Anjoran, 17 November 2016
Production Planning, Management/Turnaround
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manufacturing worker looking at a plan

Do You Use Production Planning to Help On Time Product Delivery?

By Renaud Anjoran, 27 July 2016
Production Planning, Management/Turnaround
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Manufacturing Team

How to Set up Good Production Planning in a Chinese Factory

By David Collins III, 30 September 2014
Production Planning
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