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If you buy products from Chinese suppliers, you’ve most likely been horrified by some of the poor quality control systems you’ve seen. In some cases, we managed to identify over 20 things that could easily go wrong within a mere 10-minutes walk on the shop floor—on fabrication & assembly or even on just a single product!

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Topics: Lean Manufacturing, Manufacturing Consulting, Quality Management System, Process Improvement

If you have been in business for a few years, chances are that you already have a QMS… but it might be informal, inconsistent, and immature.

If you want to develop it, there are no shortcuts. Fortunately, there is an approach to setting up a quality management system that has proven its effectiveness, in China as in other countries!

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Topics: Management/Turnaround, Quality, Quality Management System


Chinese factories tend to be skeptical about the value of a supplier quality management system. Yet, in most manufacturing operations, the total costs of quality amount to 25-35% of sales.

Join us as we discover how a supplier quality management system saved a factory millions, and start on the road to better quality in your China factory...

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Topics: Quality, Quality Management System


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