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CMC at the 2017 China Jiashan International Investment and Trade Symposium

November 7, 2017

 by Renaud Anjoran


On the 29th & 30th October 2017 CMC's Founding Partner, David Collins (second left in picture) was selected to be a part of a panel of experts at this event in Jiashan, Zhejiang province:
2017 China Jiashan International Investment and Trade Symposium

What is this event about?

The international investment and trade symposium is a unique event in China. Here's what they have to say about it:

Themed on "Introducing FDI" and "Going Global", CIFIT focuses on nationality and internationality, investment negotiation and investment policy promotion, coordinated development of national and regional economy, as well as economic and trade exchanges across the Taiwan Strait.

CIFIT is currently China's only international investment promotion event aimed at facilitating bilateral investment.

What did CMC discuss?

The local government is planning to build a new industrial park and wants to keep the area clean. 

David explained some good techniques and good planning for setting up sustainable manufacturing. 

David also explained how robotics can help a lot, but how they have to be set up the right way and slowly over time, as the organization learns how to program them and keep them up and running.


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Renaud Anjoran

Renaud Anjoran

15 years experience in China.
Partner, China Manufacturing Consultants.
Worked with hundreds of factories in China.
Certifications: ASQ CQE & CRE; ISO 9001 & 14001 lead auditor.
Author of well-read blog, Quality Inspection Tips.

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