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Every year, the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China sends a survey to its members' senior executives, who give their opinion on topics including:
  • Their company's health and developments in China
  • What obstacles they face 
  • Evolution and application of regulations (IP protection, environment...)
  • How they see the latest developments from Beijing and from a local level
  • Competition from local players
  • Opportunity to invest in R&D
This year, the presentation of the findings of the Business Confidence Survey in South China takes place in Guangzhou, on 13 June. 
CMC's Chief Operations Officer, David Collins, was part of the panel discussion. 

One key finding is that more manufacturing companies will focus on "optimization and lean manufacturing". In parallel, the push for automation is not increasing. We think that this makes sense, as it is much easier to improve current process organization than implementing automation in most Chinese factories - including those which are foreign-owned.
Dealing with the increasing costs of manufacturing in South China
Did you take part in the Business Confidence survey? What are your thoughts on implementing automation in Chinese factories? Please feel free to leave a comment below. We'd love to hear form you! 
How CMC gained a cost reduction in a China factory without automation Case study

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