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Renaud Anjoran, president of China Manufacturing Consultants, was invited to talk at a conference organized by Global Sources in Hong Kong
Renaud Anjoran speaking at global sources tradeshow hong kong oct 17

Topics covered included:
  • Areas with best and worst suppliers
  • The effect of the company's size and organization on its ability to produce at a consistent quality level
  • Background checks
  • Typical quality audits, and the importance of process controls
  • A central document: the process control plan
  • The product quality control plan
  • The different risks for electronics buyers, and the corresponding inspections
  • How to react when a quality issue is found
  • Corrections (short term) and corrective actions (long term)
  • Helping and pushing suppliers to improve
  • A case study where a company did certain things right and many things wrong

This talk was specifically given to help importers get the right quality from Asia.

Learn more about this event here.


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Renaud Anjoran

10 years experience in China.
President, China Manufacturing Consultants.
Audited and/or consulted for hundreds of factories in China.
Author of well-read blog, Quality Inspection Tips.

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