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Download Your 'Guide
To Plant Relocation In Asia'

Learn everything you need to know about relocating your manufacturing base beyond China,
from our relocation experts

Plant Relocation in Asia: Case Studies & Tips For Factories

Companies no longer enjoy the same cost benefits that once were synonymous with manufacturing in China. The pandemic's unprecedented disruption to the global supply chain also caused many brands and manufacturers to diversify or relocate their operations from China to other manufacturing hubs such as Vietnam, Thailand & Taiwan. 

Some of the key reasons foreign investors are moving their operations out of China are:

  • The COVID-19 pandemic; 
  • Increased wages; 
  • Tariffs; 
  • Espionage; 
  • Rising Geopolitical Tensions.

Whether it’s a 10-person shop or a multi-million dollar facility employing hundreds of people, plant relocation is complex with multiple interconnected moving parts.

Our 'Guide to Plant Relocation in Asia' is a comprehensive manual to help you discover a step-by-step process to a successful relocation, understand market dynamics in the continent, and learn the tips & tricks from other big brands relocation strategies.

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Your Guide To Plant Relocation In Asia