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    If your factory's productivity is lagging, these resources will help you to improve.
    CMC's experts offer thorough advice to boost productivity. We'll explore: Training plans, production flow, job station layout, tooling, and automation. Click on those of interest to learn more about that topic...

    Manufacturing Training Programs that Work in China

    There are basically two types of manufacturing training programs:
    • Classroom training programs
    • On-the-job manufacturing training programs

    Which would be best suited for your factory?

    Assembly Lines: Enhancing Production Lines in China

    In most Chinese factories we visit, the workers and the supervisors decided how to organize their work. This can lead to too much moving and waiting between processes, so let's explore how to implement a flowing production line.

    How Point-Of-Use Inventory Can Make a Chinese Factory More Productive

    Time spent by production operators on leaving their post to find tools or components could be saved if point-of-use inventory was implemented, but how is it done?

    Organizing Tools for Higher Operator Efficiency in Chinese Factories

    Looking for tools, or using the wrong tool and fumbling (or causing issues that need reworking), is a significant waste of time. If tools were correctly organized for production operators this could be avoided. Let's take a look at how to make this happen.

    Automating Manual Processes to Gain Productivity in Chinese factories

    As manufacturing wages and costs increase in China and across Asia, can automation help us to mitigate this? The answer depends on your factory, so let's explore the 3 stages of automation that you could adopt to save costs and increase productivity here.