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    If quality is a problem area in your factory, then this advice will be useful.
    CMC's experts cover the following issues that can help increase your quality: Work instructions, quality performance indicators, statistical process control, NPI, and factory organization. Click on those that interest you to read more...

    How to Ensure Quality in Chinese Factories by Writing Work Instructions

    Work instructions which are not prepared for the production operators, or which are never changed to reflect new products being made will adversely affect quality. Let's explore how best to create work instructions.

    Displaying and Managing Quality Performance Indicators in a Factory

    Chinese factories seldom give enough importance to quality, so how can we improve this? We need to implement quality performance indicators, but what are they, and how can they be adopted in a way that operators can understand?

    7 Steps to Set Up Statistical Process Control (SPC) On Production Processes

    Statistical process control is seldom applied in China, yet it can help control processes and ensure a consistent output. So how do we harness this tool in order to boost quality?

    What is APQP? A Strong NPI (New Product Introduction) Approach

    Most Chinese manufacturers go through the NPI (New Product Introduction) process reluctantly. They opt to 'get it done quickly' without enough due dilligence on heading off issues before they happen. This is counterproductive when dealing with high production. 
    APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) is the approach we suggest to launch better quality products, and here's why.


    Doing a 5S Program in a Chinese factory: Cleanliness and Much More

    The 5S methodology is often misunderstood. 

    There are two aspects to 5S and we’ll cover both in this article:

    1. The discipline of housekeeping
    2. Questioning the status quo

    Read on for the many benefits that 5S brings to your factory.