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    Need to improve your factory's timing?
    CMC's experts have gathered information on improving factory timing. We'll cover: Production planning, timing performance indicators, preventive maintenance plans, inventory control systems, and over-production. Just click on the topic that applies to you to learn more...

    What is Production Planning?

    When the typical factory grows in size and in complexity it is time to document a production plan. So how best to make such a plan, and why can they help to avoid or reduce shipment delays?

    Displaying and Managing Delivery Performance Indicators in a Factory

    How to ensure people know the timing targets and do their best to respect them?

    There are 2 steps we suggest following:

    • Display delivery performance indicators for production operators to follow
    • 'Visual management' of delivery performance indicators

    How a Preventive Maintenance Program Improves On-Time Delivery

    99% of Chinese factories do not perform preventive maintenance activities. This can lead to accidents happening, machines breaking down, and production plans and processes lacking efficiency.

    A Preventive Performance Program can, and should, be introduced, so let's look at how to do so.

    Why Good Inventory Control Best Practices Are Key to On-Time Shipments

    There is a link between high inventory and late shipments. Inventory control methods can be adopted to mitigate this however.

    Let's explore the inventory control best practices that would benefit your factory.

    Why Making To Stock and Over-Production Are Costly for Factories

    The most serious form of waste is over-production, so why would factories over-produce, and how can it be damaging for a factory?

    By understanding the issue, it makes it easier to avoid, so let's take a look.