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Arrange A Factory Walk Through By One Of CMC's China Manufacturing Experts

Get a thorough view of your factory's current performance, allowing you to make informed changes based on expert advice.

When things are going 'OK' it's sometimes possible to miss issues which are easy to fix, or opportunities to make positive performing processes even better.

Arrange a CMC factory walk through and get an unbiased, expert view of your facility's current performance, and advice on future improvements.

A senior consultant from CMC walks through your factory focussing on the following:

  • The general factory layout
  • Manufacturing and management processes
  • Supply chain functions
  • Understanding your organization’s chief goals and challenges

Following the walk through, our consultant sits down with your management to have a constructive discussion on what an appropriate action plan may be to improve your operations and will produce a report which you can base future changes on.

A factory walk through is typically offered to qualifying clients based on criteria which we decide upon, such as your needs, corporation size, etc (expenses apply).

Interested in a factory walk through for your business? 

To book this service, simply fill out the form, click 'Arrange Walk Through,' and we will email you back within 24 hours to arrange your booking.

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