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'How Your Procurement Policy Might Prevent You From Cutting Costs' [PPTx]

Get a free copy of this presentation and explore different kinds of purchaser - supplier relationships you may adopt, their benefits, and potential obstacles.

Purchasers Can Actually Decrease Costs By working With Suppliers, But How?

In most companies, purchasers think their job is to make sure suppliers are paid as little as possible while still doing a reasonable job.

However, as it becomes harder to save money through better sourcing, companies need to go beyond pitting suppliers against each other.

In a few sophisticated companies that purchase certain types of products, the purchaser-supplier relationship is totally different. They often take these forms:

  • Supplier is also involved in product design
  • Supplier makes suggestions that help the purchaser improve business results
  • Supplier and purchaser work together to innovate in materials, technologies, and products

In fact, there are 5 levels of procurement policy, from "we need to buy a few pens" to a close, strategic, multi-year cooperation.

In CMC's new presentation 'How Your Procurement Policy Might Prevent You from Cutting Costs,' we cover a few case studies and give advice on these levels of cooperation. In particular:

  • What level of purchaser-supplier cooperation is appropriate for what situation
  • Main obstacles to expect when working with suppliers to improve business results and costs

Download your FREE copy of "How Your Procurement Policy Might Prevent You from Cutting Costs," and get advice straight from our experts into how your purchasers may better work with suppliers in order to drive positive changes and reduce costs. Just fill in the form on this page to request your download to be emailed to you!

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