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Making positive changes to a factory can be tough. Keeping the changes in place is tougher.

CMC's experts offer manufacturing consulting to keep positive changes on track, build a culture of good habits, and maintain results.


CMC’s experts are on hand to maintain your improvements by offering ongoing consultation to keep results at optimal levels.

We stay engaged with your facility, at regular intervals, to maintain the correct structure and improvements that were put in place, typically in former initiatives by yourself, or in earlier consultations from CMC.

What are the costs and duration?

Costs are based on your unique situation, and projects are negotiable to last for whichever duration you require.


Let's get this consulting booked. It's easy... 

To book this maintenance of past implementation manufacturing consulting, simply fill out the form, click 'Arrange Consultation,' and we will email you back within 24 hours to finalize the consultation time and costs.

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