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Manufacturing Assessments and Analysis

In-Depth Assessments of Your Manufacturing Systems and Capabilities

Many manufacturers know their operations could be doing better but don’t know how to measure or define “success”. MTG can assist in creating benchmarks to build continuous improvement into all operations and gain greater insight on all levels of production. We deeply and holistically analyze and report on your manufacturing operations with an eye for quality improvement, cost reduction, and reducing delivery delays.


Explore the key components of our manufacturing assessment and gap analysis services:


Value Stream Mapping

Chart a clear map of the process, from the intake of raw materials to the dispatch of finished products.

Cycle Time Analysis

Study production cycle times to pinpoint obstacles such as bottlenecks, quality issues, and causes of unplanned downtime.

Unseen Challenge Identification

Provide insights into manufacturing challenges that aren't evident on balance sheets.


Supplier & Purchasing Assessment

Recognize challenges with suppliers and purchasing processes that could impact productivity and delivery timelines.


SWOT Analysis

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in manufacturing operations.


Organizational Structure Evaluation

Analyze the current organizational hierarchy, roles, and responsibilities to determine alignment with strategic goals and identify areas for optimization or realignment.

Our 3-Step Manufacturing Assessment Process

At MTG, we understand that each factory’s operations are unique. Our manufacturing assessments are tailored to the client’s specific needs and company culture. Depending on the size and complexity of operations, assessments typically last 1 to 5 days.


Internal Assessment

Assess and analyze which manufacturing process improvements are called for


Competitive Analysis

Analyze how other organizations achieve high-performance levels



Use collected information to improve performance

How MTG’s ‘Your Way' Lean Blueprint Approach Works

MTG’s ‘Your Way’ Lean Blueprint Approach ensures our solutions are tangible and actionable. From manufacturing assessments to analysis and benchmarking, we build solutions and insights based on your trust and our manufacturing expertise.

Rolls Up Sleeves

We augment audits and reports with a boots on the ground approach that enables us to make real changes on the factory floor.

“All-in” Collaboration

Our team collaborates with everyone, from factory owners to floor staff, ensuring we get buy-in and build trust to drive lasting changes.

Genuine Manufacturing Expertise

Our team boasts backgrounds in automotive, electronics, textiles, industrial machinery, furniture, and more. It's not just the average of 20+ years of manufacturing experience; it's the breadth and depth of our hands-on knowledge that sets us apart.

Manufacturers We’ve Transformed

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