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4 Templates For Planning
Factory Management Improvements

Get expert advice and improve your factory management systems with 4 free templates.

Every factory has its issues. While you may already be aware of what these are in your own factory or your supplier’s, taking the next step to tackle them is no easy task.

What are the steps you need to take to get started? What is the best way to introduce changes? How do you ensure that these improvements are not just a short term fix and will last beyond its initial implementation? How can you make sure that your time and monetary investment into improvements do not go to waste?

Download these templates and discover how CMC's experts define project plans to improve management, production planning, quality, and building effective systems.

What can these factory management templates help me achieve?

Thanks to years of consulting on factory processes, our team has developed a series of steps we typically follow when setting up systems in factories that need:

  • A management system that aligns everyone's goals and objectives for improving faster and better results.
  • Good process controls to ensure products are of high quality.
  • A production planning system that is adapted to your unique manufacturing activity, in Excel and then in an ERP system.
  • A solid project management system for factories that make highly-engineered products (custom-built for each project).

What information is included with these templates?

We want to make it clear how much work goes into well-adapted systems that employees will actually follow in the long run. In each template, we include:

  • Descriptions
    The techniques and methodologies CMC uses.
  • Pre-requisites
    Individuals who need to be involved in the process, the information we need, what steps need to be completed first, etc.
  • Deliverables
    What the proposed changes bring to the manufacturer.
  • Benefits
    In practice, how they help the manufacturer improve operations and management.
  • Criteria of acceptance
    What CMC 'guarantees'.

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