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'Shuttered Chinese Factories Have Little Room To Clean Up Act'

Published in Journal Of Commerce, October 2, 2017

    CMC's president, Renaud Anjoran, was interviewed and quoted by the Journal Of Commerce on the topic of China's anti-pollution inspections and factory closures.

    One root cause is most Chinese manufacturers' ignorance of simply and inexpensive ways to reduce pollution. They usually think of expensive equipment but there are many other ways to reduce waste to atmosphere, water, and landfill.

    The article lists three examples of operations that have been largely affected by the nationwide campaign: fabric dyeing houses, powder coating facilities, and plating operations.

    Many foreign observers wonder if Beijing will slow down for fear of slower economic growth. We believe pollution has become a politically highly sensitive topic and it is seen as more important than fast growth. 

    You can read this article (and send it to your suppliers) here.