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Technical White Paper: Focus On Metal Machining Processes

Explore metal machining and the different solutions available for different requirements and materials.

In this white paper we look at metal machining and the different options available for different requirements and materials.

  • The Process of Metal Machining – We provide an overview of the different machining processes commonly used in today’s production environment including CNC machines.
  • Lack of Precision – This is an issue that causes assembly faults and part failures due to inaccurate dimensions. In this section we go over the importance of dimensions and their tolerances, we also cover material selection and the effects of selecting the incorrect material for the job. Implementation of best practices will help you out when designing and dimensioning your parts, we cover some of the best ways to do this.
  • During Production Inspection – What to check for, what to monitor and when and how to do all this, all these questions are answered plus more in this part of the paper.
  • Poor Finish and Damaged Part – These are questions we answer as well as looking at the root causes of why parts end up with a poor finish or get damaged, We also provide examples for the solutions to these problems.
  • Low Productivity / Low Efficiency – This is an area that all manufacturers should be looking to improve upon. We cover why there is low productivity and efficiencies within the machine shop then provide possible solutions and show examples with calculations for improvements.
  • Troubleshooting – This is a comprehensive guide to machining troubleshooting which provides the problem, cause and the solution.

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