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Technical White Paper: Focus On Printed Circuit Boards Production

In this white paper we look at Electrical Manufacturing Services (EMS) and in particular the manufacture of printed circuit boards (PCBs).

  • Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) – Ever wondered what an EMS is or does? We give a top level overview of what a typical EMS is about.
  • Low Quality Printed Circuit Boards – A detailed look at the problems and causes surrounding PCBs from in-coming inspection through to typical soldering issues. To expand on this we go over some best practice methods that will help eliminate the typical issues seen with PCB manufacture. We also cover some of the inspection methods used during flow line manufacture of PCBs and PCB assemblies.
  • Poor Set-up and Inconsistent Result – Are you seeing inconsistent results between batches of PCBs? If so, this section will help as it covers the main problems and causes. Looking at the Surface Mount Technology (SMT) process and the process sequence, as well as how to overcome the issues associated with this. Once again we lay out the best practices to implement in order to improve repeatability and reliability of production.
  • Detailed review of each of the SMT process steps and the most common failure modes with details of what causes those failure modes.
  • Scheduling and Maintenance – These two functions are critical in obtaining high ‘up-time’ for any production line. They are especially important for the SMT flow line. We cover these subjects within this white paper.
  • Productivity – Another area we dive into is improving productivity. We highlight potential areas that cause low productivity and expand on points that will help improve productivity. We also provide examples and calculations for you to follow and apply to your business or to supplier’s business.
  • Troubleshooting – This is a comprehensive guide to the production of printed circuit boards and troubleshooting most of the known problems associated with the process. The guide also provides possible causes, how to recognize failure modes and suggested solutions.

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