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Technical White Paper: Focus On The Plastic Injection Molding Process

In this white paper we cover some of the technical aspects behind what plastic injection molding is, the process steps involved, including what to look out for as well as what best practices to follow.

  • Low Quality Molds – We cover problems and the causes of low quality mold tools and then discuss what the best practice techniques if implemented can yield improvements in both tool life as well as consistent good quality molded parts.
  • Inspection of Tooling – How to inspect injection mold tools and what to inspect. An overview of when to check tooling, what to check for, and some of the aspects associated with tool trials (initial test, pre-production test).
  • The problems and causes with poor set-up – Look at potential issues that could be experienced from a set-up point of view and how to overcome those issues. We review repeatability with quick set-up techniques and why that is important.
  • Low Labor Productivity – In this section we go over some of the main points surrounding this and how to improve labor productivity.
  • Troubleshooting Mold Defects – Here we provide a detailed description of the most common defects along with their potential root causes. This should allow you to identify and plan for corrective actions in your mold parts.

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