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'Think You’re Buying On Amazon? It’s Actually From Alibaba'

Published on Yahoo Finance June 2017

    CMC's president, Renaud Anjoran, was interviewed and quoted by Yahoo Finance about products bought through Alibaba and sold on Amazon's platform. Many of the same products are shown on both websites -- on sale mainly to importers on Alibaba, and on sale mainly to consumers on Amazon.

    It may come as a shock to many US consumers. But it has been this way for years. However, the more premium products sold on Amazon are usually customized and are seldom shown on Alibaba.

    The big question, though, is: What tests were conducted on products purchased "off the shelf" in China before they reach consumers? Are they compliant with safety standards? And will this change in the coming years?

    You can read this article (and send it to your suppliers) here.