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China Manufacturing Consulting

Make better decisions and lasting improvements in your factory with our manufacturing consultants

Whether your factory is new or has been running for decades, there are always areas where managers, operators and other staff can do better. Our consultants use decades of industry expertise to improve your quality, reduce lead times, assist in new factory set-up, and more—with the goal of introducing sustainable best practices and maintaining them over time.


Typical Engagement Deliverables

How CMC Can Help Your Manufacturing Facility in China

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Strategic Manufacturing Change Management

Change is a necessary part of optimizing your factory’s production and ultimately, improving your profitability. Our experts assist you in identifying high-value opportunities for improvement, and implementing deep, lasting changes in a facility and/or its office.

To support you in your business goals and achieve optimal ROI, we can offer our expertise in 6 key areas:

  1. High-intensity Factory Turnaround
  2. New Factory Set-Up
  3. New Product Introduction (NPI) & Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)
  4. Process Improvement & Maintenance
  5. Quality Improvement & Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  6. Supply Chain & Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Typical Duration:

6-18 months

Example Deliverables:

  • “Increase first-time pass yield for 1 product range from 70% to 95%”
  • “Reduce NPI time from 120 days to 80 days”
  • “Reduce the cost of a particular product line by 10%”
  • “Set-up new facility and ensure full preparation before launch”

Fee Structure:

Based on time commitment from CMC, plus a deliverable fee based on results.

Success Stories

We typically work on engagements of 3-12 months with our consultants at your facility several days a week. Our engagement managers provide guidance, and our technical consultants provide the type of assistance necessary to reach your objectives.

Not Sure Which Solution is for You?

Talk through your situation with our experienced manufacturing consultants to discover how we can assist.

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