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Manufacturing Consulting Services

Partner with MTG for hands-on consulting excellence. We provide actionable, scalable strategies that amplify your team’s capabilities, drive down costs, and significantly increase revenue.

Where Consulting Meets Action — Elevating Operations, Maximizing Profit

Transform your factory's operations with us. MTG’s consulting services specialize in delivering enduring success through customized, innovative consulting strategies. Our bespoke consulting approaches are designed specifically for your unique manufacturing challenges.


Our Manufacturing Consulting Process

We create sustainable results for our clients. We work with them to find solutions that work for their factories. Our unique manufacturing consulting process helps clients achieve long term, sustainable results.

MTG's Manufacturing Consulting Process Flow

On-the-Ground Manufacturing Consulting Solutions

MTG collaborates directly on-site to address the crucial challenges impacting your manufacturing operations.

We scrutinize tooling and task distribution to find cost savings and maintain quality. Our lean methods increase labor productivity, streamline inventory, and improve product design efficiency.

We streamline production bottlenecks, optimize sub-supplier management, and improve production planning. Our methods ensure robust quality control for timely, high-quality deliveries.

We build robust quality systems, train staff for strict adherence, and mistake-proof processes to manage errors. Our continual analysis and root-cause investigations ensure issue resolution.

We use tools like line rebalancing, poka-yoke, process improvement, and more to improve productivity at your facility and prevent human error.

We streamline procurement, production, inventory, and warehouse operations. Support your business goals with an optimized supply chain and tailored ERP solutions.

Launch successfully with our supplier selection, process testing, and employee training expertise. Prevent delays and initial quality as we optimize every step, from line setup to going live.

Process Digitization

Industry 4.0 is here. We have the tools to implement implement technologies that enhance shop floor practices. 

Ready to enhance your manufacturing operations?

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Why Work With Us?

MTG's ‘Your Way’ Lean Blueprint

MTG differentiates from big consultancies with a bespoke 'Your Way' Lean Blueprint approach, focusing on practical, on-site transformation and deep, sector-specific expertise to drive operational change from the inside out.

Rolling Up Sleeves for On-Site Factory Transformation

While traditional consultants may deliver extensive reports, MTG's approach is distinctively hands-on and action-oriented. We augment audits and reports with a boots on the ground approach that enables us to make real changes on the factory floor.

Engagement at Every Level:
The MTG Collaboration Mode

Our team collaborates with everyone, from factory owners to floor staff, ensuring we get buy-in and build trust to drive lasting changes. With MTG, it's not about outside advice—it's about inside action.

Deep-Dive Manufacturing Knowledge:
20+ Years in the Making

Our team boasts backgrounds in automotive, electronics, textiles, industrial machinery, furniture, and more. It's not just the 20+ years of average manufacturing experience; it's the breadth and depth of our hands-on knowledge that sets us apart.

Manufacturers We’ve Transformed

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