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Will You Save Money With Process Automation In Your Factory?

Download your free copy of this presentation and costing sheet and assess whether automation is really right for your factory.

Full Production Automation Is The Future, Right?

When considering the opportunity to buy a machine to automate manufacturing processes factory managers often look at the price tag alone. Yet the total cost of operating that machine can be many times greater than its purchasing price - and this is especially true of Chinese machines, which are seldom "designed for maintainability".

In this realistic simulation, we compare the total cost (over the machine's lifetime) of 2 alternatives:

  • Fully manual operations that are slowly semi-automated
  • Full automation through a piece of equipment that needs to be setup, maintained, etc.

The "winner" in the end is not the one people might suspect!

What you'll get when you download "Will You Save Money With Process Automation in Your Factory?":

  • A step by step explanation of hidden costs and opportunities a factory should take into account when considering production automation.
  • An understanding of why a gradual automation is often preferable to a rapid adoption of full automation, and what is necessary before full automation can even be considered.
  • An Excel spreadsheet that contains the financial projections of automation vs manual production shown in the eBook.
    Plus... You can tweak that Excel sheet later as a modelling tool for your own automation projects in the future. 
  • ...and much, much more.

Get your FREE copy of "Will You Save Money With Process Automation in Your Factory?" and gain a better understanding about if and how automating your, or your supplier's, factory's production will benefit you by filling in the form on this page with a few details.

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