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Why Vizio Has No Official Standards For How Its Suppliers Treat Workers

Published in the LA Times

CMC consultants Founding Partner, David Collins and Renaud Anjoran were quoted in this August 2016 LA Times article on local Irvine tech firm Vizio's decision to sell itself to Chinese giant LeCo, their supply chain management which is not the norm for tech manufacturers today, and possible affects on the production operators involved.

The article goes on to discuss whether Vizio's lack of a code of conduct may invite criticism of themselves and their supply chain later on.

Ultimately there is a bloc of tech companies, many manufacturing in China amongst other places, who belong to the 'Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition.'

Membership requires you and your supply chain to be audited by third parties in order to maintain compliance. Vizio and LeCo's non-membership could bring scrutiny of their business practices in the future, and indeed negatively affect their costs and quality. 

You can read this article (and send it to your suppliers) here.