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Making Sure Chinese Factories Avoid Manufacturing Delays & Ship On Time

How can you increase on time delivery in your China manufacturing operation?

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Many factories struggle with managing production delays and shipping their products in time. CMC can help you identify where your processes can be improved and whether a capacity increase is needed to improve delivery time.

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6 Effective Solutions to Increase Capacity

managing-sub-suppliers managing-sub-suppliers-icon

Management of sub-suppliers

The most frequent cause of factory delays is when sub-suppliers don’t ship their components on time.

  • Have they been paid late in the past?
  • Is the relationship healthy?
  • Are there several possible sources for each component?

It is also crucial to follow their production very closely. Delays should never be discovered at the last minute!

Learn how CMC rescued a badly delayed product launch in this case study.

production-fexibility production-flexibility-icon

Extra flexibility for production

  • When internal capacity is too low to respond to demand, is it possible to subcontract to reliable factories?
  • Is it possible to buy processed (rather than unprocessed) components, to reduce the amount of work?
product-oriented-workflow product-oriented-workflow-icon

Product-oriented workflow

Most factories are organized around process families, rather than product families. It means a batch typically spends 95% of the time waiting, in the form of work-in-process.
Fortunately, there are solutions for compressing internal production lead times:

  • A product-oriented organization.
  • More flow and less queue.
  • Stable processes.
quality_system_improvement quality-system-improvement-icon

Improvements in the quality system

Stopping a batch of finished products because its quality is substandard is the last thing you want to do if you are in a hurry. The staff must have the discipline to apply a sound quality system.

At the same time, mistake-proofing each process can prevent or catch human errors before they become mistakes. And procedures to look for the root cause immediately when new issues arise will reduce the occurrence of defects over time.

productive-maintenance productive-maintenance-icon

Total productive maintenance

Machines are often very unstable and can break down as often as once a day. It disrupts planning and causes stoppages, and in the end, it delays production.

Time-tested preventive/predictive maintenance can help increase the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) ratio dramatically.

production-plan production-plan-icon

Production planning

Why are Chinese suppliers too optimistic when they announce shipment dates?

Because they have no realistic production planning system to work with.

A simple Excel spreadsheet can often do the job. And, as the organization becomes more mature, a kanban system can gradually be put in place.

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