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China Manufacturing Consulting Services

Improve the process, quality, and management at your factory in China with CMC’s consulting services

Manufacturing Industries We Serve

Manufacturing Assessments In China

Traditionally the first step in our cooperation. Assessments and observations help us form the basis for our consulting services. Our experts tour your factory and conduct tests and audits of your manufacturing processes, management, and layout.

We offer three different assessment services based on your needs:

  • Holistic facility report
  • Manufacturing process audits
  • Factory floor improvement plan
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Manufacturing Consulting

We provide goal-based expert consultation on process and quality improvements for factory turnaround.

Our team will focus on identifying opportunities for process optimizations that are applicable across the board.

We offer three types of consultation services:

  • Implementing lasting changes
  • Technical process improvements
  • Improvement maintenance
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Success Stories

We typically work on engagements of 3-12 months with our consultants at your facility several days a week. Our engagement managers provide guidance, and our technical consultants provide the type of assistance necessary to reach your objectives.

The CMC Process

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Where We Help You On-Site

Our consulting services cover a wide range of factory operations and processes.



We focus on improving productivity at your facility and preventing human error, with tools like line rebalancing, poka-yoke, process improvement, and more.



We use logistical and process changes, operator training, and self-inspection, among other tools, to achieve continuous flow production.



We aim to maximize benefit in a condensed timeframe by determining high impact improvements.



We help companies analyze their entire workflow to identify opportunities to improve efficiency by implementing standard operating procedures and training staff for sustained improvements.



As ‘inventory’ and ‘defects’ are less detectable in technical processes, productivity can often be a significant issue. We help improve this through changes in logistics, mistake-proofing, and other tools.



We focus on developing a process improvement plan for a system with reduced cycle time and higher productivity by addressing procedural, data transparency, and cooperation issues.

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