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Which China Manufacturing Assessments And Observations Are Available?

Initial manufacturing assessment

Initial China manufacturing assessment

Are you unsure what the main issue is at the factory? This is your first step on the road to improvement.
CMC sends management and technical experts to forensically assess your organization’s current state.

A thorough report is produced including:

  • Observations on what is currently successful, and less so
  • Your comparison to world-class performers and industry averages
  • Estimates of realistic gains in efficiency, quality, and more

Get started below to discuss the pricing of this service for your unique situation.

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Factory walk through

Factory walk through

A senior consultant from CMC walks through your factory leaving no stone unturned.

They will observe the general layout, processes, supply chain functions, and gain an understanding of your organization’s chief goals and challenges.

Following the walk through, our consultant sits down with your management to have a constructive discussion on what an appropriate action plan may be to improve your operations.

Get started below to discuss the pricing of this service for your unique situation.

Get Started With A Factory Walkthrough

Manufacturing process audits

Manufacturing process audits

Do you have repeated issues with a particular process? Do you suffer from poor process capability (many defects/scrap), capacity, or productivity?

A CMC manufacturing process expert visits your factory, closely observes a set of processes, collects information, and follows an exhaustive process audit checklist.

Some countermeasures to solve or mitigate the most serious issues detected will be suggested, and can then be used as a basis for your subsequent factory improvement.

Pricing for a manufacturing process audit depends on the process and the location. We offer favorable pricing to clients under a retainer.

Get Started With Process Audits