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New Factory Set-Up in Vietnam

Get started with manufacturing in Vietnam with expert support

    We Make Your Manufacturing in Vietnam a Success

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    Expert Support to Get Started With Manufacturing in Vietnam

    The best opportunity to maximize efficiency and reduce costs in your factory, in the long run, is during the set-up process. Building the facility efficiently the first time around will prevent avoidable renovations and prepare your factory for success.

    With years of experience, CMC's consultants are ready to help you establish a solid foundation when opening your facility and will help you through the entire process of opening your manufacturing plant in Vietnam.

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    Manufacturing Industries We Serve in Vietnam

    How CMC Can Support Your New Factory in Vietnam

    Factory set-ups are a long term commitment and should be monitored closely. CMC can provide engagement managers and professionals for consultation during this time to ensure your project is a success. With flexible pricing structures, you can use our services in the project's entirety or on specific stages of your factory set-up.

    Project manager discussing with factory set-up team

    Project Management

    Launching a factory within a specific timeline and within budget requires careful consideration and guidance. Our professionals can consult you on all facets of the project, from facility construction to workforce training, while balancing realistic timelines and budgets across all stakeholders.

    Engineers discussing location set-up

    Site Selection

    Vietnamese manufacturing companies are spread throughout the different industrial zones. Each possesses various benefits and setbacks; with CMC's experience and expertise, we can help you select the right location for your new factory.


    Building and Overall Layout

    Maximize production whilst keeping risk and costs minimum in the long run by considering your facility's flow and internal processes early. Our experts consult on equipment selection and factory layout to ensure efficient manufacturing operations.

    Workers inspecting product in factory

    Process Development

    At this stage, our experts analyze your factory's operations to optimize productivity and capacity – from determining your requirements for automation and arranging workstations to ensuring processes are efficient to lower costs and shorten lead times.

    Training factory employees

    Hiring & Training

    Having the right employees is a crucial part of running a successful factory. Hiring in the manufacturing industry can be difficult. Determining the skills and qualifications required can be stressful for factory owners. CMC can assist you in the hiring and training process while working with you to cultivate the right company culture.

    Factory employee checking equipment

    Factory Launch in Vietnam

    While factory launches may seem straightforward, it is often underestimated, which means many problems arise at this stage, such as supplier deliverability, equipment, and more. As you approach this final stage of your set-up, our experts are ready to troubleshoot any last-minute issues to ensure your launch is as smooth as possible.

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