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New Factory Set-Up in Taiwan

Get started with manufacturing in Taiwan with expert support

    We Make Your Taiwan Manufacturing Set-Up a Success


    Expert Support to Get Started With Manufacturing in Taiwan

    Starting a factory from scratch requires forward planning. Long term success typically starts at the foundation of the factory. The best opportunity for cost-saving is when you first set-up your factory processes; you can optimize efficiency, productivity, and safety by doing things correctly from the get-go.

    With CMC's extensive experience worldwide, our experts are well equipped to help you establish a strong foundation when starting manufacturing in Taiwan, and will help you avoid making common mistakes in this crucial stage of your business.

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    Manufacturing Industries We Serve in Taiwan

    Where CMC Can Support Your New Manufacturing Business

    Factory set-up projects take a couple of months to be executed properly. During this time, CMC's engagement managers and technical consultants are at your disposal for any necessary assistance that you may need to succeed. With a flexible structure, you can have us consult on the entire project or just specific stages of your factory set-up.

    Project manager discussing with factory set-up team

    Project Management

    Launching a new factory on time and within budget requires careful planning and organized execution. Our consultants can advise on all aspects of the project from facility construction to workforce training while developing and managing a realistic timeline across stakeholders.

    Engineers discussing location set-up

    Site Selection

    Taiwan has many industrial parks to choose from. With CMC's expertise and experience, allow us to help you select the suitable location of your new factory that stays within your budget and meets your operations requirements.


    Building and Overall Layout

    Maximize productivity, reduce risk and save costs in the long run by considering your facility’s material flow and internal logistics at this stage. We advise on the best equipment and layout to ensure optimal internal logistics in relation to your entire manufacturing operations.

    Workers inspecting product in factory

    Process Development

    At this stage, our experts take an in-depth look at your factory operations to ensure maximum productivity - from deciding your requirements for equipment automation, and arranging workstations to improve efficiency, to ensuring processes are tightly linked for lower costs and shorter lead times.

    Training factory employees

    Hiring & Training

    To run a successful factory, you need to have the right employees with the right skills at the right post. Identifying what roles are required, how many employees are required, and what qualifications are needed can be quite stressful. CMC can assist you through the hiring and training process. During this process, you'll also have the opportunity to determine your factories culture and cultivate it among your employees.

    Factory employee checking equipment

    Factory Launch in Taiwan

    While you might think that you're ready to go now, it's important not to underestimate the launch of a factory. Many things can go wrong at this stage including issues with supplier deliverability, equipment, and more. As you get closer to your launch date, our experts quickly troubleshoot any last-minute issues and help make your launch as smooth as possible.

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