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CMC's Strengths: ROI for Manufacturing Consulting Projects

Take a closer look at how CMC gets your company positive results with a solid ROI.

    CMC gets your factory to the next level in terms of better cost, improved quality, and reduced delivery times.

    We work on the 5 key factors, or 'root causes,' that determine how well your factory does:
    1. Process Control
    2. Equipment maintenance
    3. Workforce training
    4. Incoming material
    5. Production planning
    process improvement goals

    We engage your employees so that any improvements made will 'stick' and be consistent.

    CMC fixes technical issues and allows your business to keep going

    • We have engineers that can work on and improve your processes
    • We can accompany your supplier development efforts

    CMC sets up and/or manages manufacturing facilities

    • We set up new factories or help you to move elsewhere
    • We can place experienced general managers to take charge of factories
    • We get paid in part based on meeting performance targets

    Having some difficulties with your factory or supply chain right now? Let's Talk!

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