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    CMC gets your factory to the next level in terms of better cost, improved quality, and reduced delivery times.

    • We work on the 5 key factors, or 'root causes,' that determine how well your factory does:
    1. Process Control
    2. Equipment maintenance
    3. Workforce training
    4. Incoming material
    5. Production planning

    5 Key Factors that Determine Factory Performance 

    • We engage your employees so that any improvements made will 'stick' and be consistent.


    CMC fixes technical issues and allows your business to keep going

    • We have engineers that can work on and improve your processes
    • We can accompany your supplier development efforts


    CMC sets up and/or manages manufacturing facilities

    • We set up new factories or help you to move elsewhere
    • We can place experienced general managers to take charge of factories
    • We get paid in part based on meeting performance targets


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