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    It can be difficult to know if the big decisions surrounding manufacturing in China are gong to pay off, especially if you're new to the country, or to a particular area.

    Will your new factory setup be a success?

    Should you purchase the factory you've been looking at?

    Are your current manufacturing operations honestly in peak condition, or do you need to make major changes?

    Here at CMC, we are first-and-foremost consultants, so many clients choose to bring us in to offer manufacturing management advisory services, where are our chief consultants, who have decades in manufacturing, assist them to make the right moves or take the right actions.

    Learn more about how CMC can help you in the video below. 

    Get Expert Help To Set Up Your New Factory In China

    Get Expert Help To Setup Your New Factory In China

    CMC's experienced consultants have set up factories for businesses in many industries all around China, either from scratch or when moving premises to a new area. Learn more about new factory setup.

    The benefit of working with our manufacturing consultants to open your factory lies in our proven ability to plan the whole project, including the building phase, factory layout, defining the manufacturing processes to be implemented, and more.

    The ultimate goal is your company's ability to produce products to the highest possible standards, lowest costs, and on-time deliveries.

    Get A Manufacturing Business 'Medical'

    Get A Manufacturing Business 'Medical'

    How is your business really performing? Hopefully, you have a good handle on it, but it's always helpful to get an outside opinion. Therefore we provide an operational due diligence 'medical' for manufacturing organisations.

    CMC consultants, who have spent decades getting results in manufacturing come in to examine how your whole organisation is doing business in what is a typically unintrusive way, offering industry best-practice solutions for areas of concern, and highlighting areas where better performance is possible. This medical will help you to move forward and get better results in order to achieve your business goals.

    Support For Private Equity Firms Planning To Purchase & Operate Chinese Factories

    Support For Private Equity Firms Planning To Purchase & Operate Chinese Factories

    In the case of private equity firms purchasing factories to run and ultimately make a profit from selling when successful, it won't usually be required for CMC consultants come in and take over management.

    However, a short-term engagement by our consultants who are very experienced in China to come in and provide technical guidance and managerial support will often be very beneficial in these situations.

    David C.
    featured consultant

    Turnarounds of factories are a very hard exercise. Change has to happen right away, amid resistance from different parts of the organization. Typical “consultants” with no real managerial background usually fail at this.


    CMC Consultant David C


    David has 25+ years of manufacturing experience in computer, automotive, aerospace, furniture, and chemical industries. He has set up, managed, and turned around a number of different plants.


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      Industry Experience

    Our consultants have experience in the following industries: automotive, electronics, medical devices, aerospace, oil & gas, metal (die casting, machining…) and plastic , toys, furniture, food, battery & chemicals, and cut & sew.

     Areas of Operation

    We mostly work in the following provinces: Guangdong (Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Shantou), Zhejiang (Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou), Shanghai , Jiangsu (Kunshan, Suzhou, Wuxi, Nanjing), Fujian (Xiamen, Quanzhou, Fuzhou).