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Lean Manufacturing Consultants For Automotive Parts Manufacturers In China


Some of our consultants have 20+ years of experience in the auto industry, including at the plant general manager level. Our typical consulting missions with automotive parts manufacturers in China include some of the following elements.


Assistance with Dimensional Control

The most common source of quality and delivery issues in the auto industry is poor dimensional control. Our consultants can set up preventative & predictive maintenance systems, statistical process control, as well as error-proofing devices.

Paint Shop Improvement

Another frequent source of issues is paint and coating. Do you have poor yields on your handles, grills, or dashboards? We have helped fix many paint shops in China through good techniques such as dirt control, film build, color match, as well as paint contamination. We can also assist a factory willing to recycle the paint and save money over the long run.

Manufacturing consulting related to tooling, fixtures, and dies

Good tooling can make a huge difference. Unfortunately, be it in die casting, injection molding, or other common processes, few Chinese manufacturers have the technical know-how they need to fine-tune their operations. In case our consultants are not process specialists, we involve technical experts who can give very valuable advice.

ISO/TS 16949 audit preparation

We can help a factory do the right things to pass an ISO/TS 16949 audit by working on the fundamentals, rather than preparing the ‘right documents’ for an auditor. Good documentation, if it is part of the management system, can help improve quality and reduce costs.

PPAP review and assistance

CMC has supplier quality engineers and process engineers who can review a factory’s PPAP documentation and, most importantly, pinpoint the areas where the preparation work is lacking. Where necessary, we can help do some of the engineering work required by the PPAP process. We can also help organize a pilot run and fix issues that come out at that time.

Lean Training & Implementation

Do you need to reduce your costs and your lead times by implementing lean manufacturing principles and tools? Our Lean manufacturing consultants can jump-start changes by connecting processes and getting closer to one-piece flow, and our supply chain specialists will set up solid planning & purchasing systems, while we train the workers to understand the new direction. This last point is crucial since workers should progressively start to suggest and apply improvements on their own.

Inventory reduction

One key initiative in any lean manufacturing transformation is to change the way materials are purchased and production is planned. The result is a sharp decrease in inventory and production lead times.

Planning for automation

Before you decide on what type of automation you need, CMC can help put together an automation plan. And, in parallel, we can set up an appropriate preventive & predictive maintenance program, so that the complicated equipment you will buy is actually up and running when you need it to.


Overall, we can help you tackle the root causes of your problems – whether they are lack of understanding of key processes, absence of statistical process control, absence of mistake proofing, absence of maintenance, or simply poor management.




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