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Lean Consulting For Oil And Gas Manufacturing In China

We have conducted Lean transformation projects in the Oil and gas manufacturing sector and we know what it takes to drive superior business results while improving employee morale and safety.

Here are some of the key lean consulting areas we implement with oil and gas manufacturing companies to improve their results:

Employee training and engagement

Do you find your production operators are not very engaged in what they are doing? We have successfully set up ‘high performance teams’ in Chinese factories – this lets workers have more of a say in what they are doing. This way they can work on projects that aim at a certain objective, for example avoiding certain types of field failures.

Process improvement plan

Chances are, you already have a strong emphasis on quality, safety, and maintenance… But you are weak in areas of performance that drive labor productivity – we are thinking of production planning to seek efficiencies across projects as well as various types of process improvements. The benefits are not only higher labor productivity, but also fewer safety issues.

Working with suppliers

Your products are highly engineered. You already manage a lot of complexity. As you try to reduce your inventory and simplify your operations, it might make sense to sit down with some suppliers of high-mix, low-volume components. Giving them more work and accepting a higher price might result in lower total costs on your side.

Daily plan and drawings communication

Oil and gas manufacturing is often characterized by highly-customized products. We can put up visual aids and boards (including a whole MES system linked to your ERP) so that supervisors and operators know what they should work on at any time. It includes not only the daily plan, but also the drawings and other technical information.

DFM (Design for Manufacturing)

Are your design engineers not involved with the manufacturing side of the business? We can set up programs so they come regularly, exchange with manufacturing people, and understand how to make their drawings easier to manufacture.

Inventory display and control

If you are building large products, having materials and tools available at point of use will help reduce walking and transportation, which in turn mean higher productivity and safety. The number one loss of time might be excessive walking!

Overall, CMC can help you fight the rising competition from Chinese suppliers, restore your margins, and safeguard the long-term viability of your operation site.


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