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Manufacturing Consulting For Electronics Production In China (EMS)


Many of our consultants have worked in the electronics industry, both in China and in the West. The main issues we observe are poor or lower than acceptable yield rates, too many off-line reworks and component corrections, component placement issues (for PCBA) and sub-suppliers' parts quality.

Here are the most common manufacturing consulting services we offer EMS suppliers with electronics manufacturing in China.

Manufacturing process improvement

We typically make assembly, testing, inspection, and packing operations more compact and more balanced in order to raise labor productivity. The objective is to improve production lines to help you cut costs and/or increase the capacity of your existing lines.

PCBA optimization

We have deep expertise in the different processes comprising PCB assembly and we regularly help manufacturers in the Shenzhen/Dongguan area. We can help you increase quality yields, set up standardization rules in your planning to improve efficiency, and suggest semi-automation and/or automation solution to reduce headcount.

We can help you reduce the incidence of component placement issues by tackling the root cause, be it poor maintenance of pick-and-place machines, temperature control issues, lack of statistical process control, software bugs and/or intermittent faults that are difficult to identify.

Guidance with automation

Most assembly, testing, and inspection tasks can be automated. We can help you drive this process forward if your team can’t find new opportunities for automation, while keeping return on investment acceptable. At the same time, we can help you plan for preventive maintenance so that your SMT machines and other expensive equipment keeps producing at the desired rate and quality level.

NPI new product introduction

Our manufacturing consulting services also include the new product introduction (NPI) process. Obviously you want to go fast. We can set up a process that lets you “go slow to go fast” – in other words, your NPI total lead time will shrink simply because you don’t skip any step and you don’t have to go back to fix previous issues.

Inventory control methods

Some of our consultants are professional planners who can help you get the most production out of your equipment, while minimizing the amount of inventory you hold. We can set up a proper warehouse management system, to avoid component obsolescence. Keeping your inventory down will also avoid borrowing a lot of working capital.

ISO 9001 audits

We can help you go beyond compliance and build a strong management system that helps you make people accountable and drive continual improvement.

Overall, we can help you work on the root causes of your problems – typically lack of understanding of key processes, absence of statistical process control, insufficient standardization or automation, or poor maintenance.


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