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New Factory Set Up in China

Get expert support for both your Greenfield and Brownfield Projects

We Make Your China Factory Set Up a Success in the Following Locations


Expert Support for Your Factory in China

Setting up a factory from scratch requires foresight and planning to effectively lay the foundation for your future. The greatest opportunities for long-term cost-savings come from optimizing efficiency, productivity, and safety from the very beginning of your operations.

CMC’s specialists have managed this process multiple times in several countries and provinces, and will help you to avoid common new factory setup pitfalls in China.

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Manufacturing Industries We Serve

Where CMC Can Support Your New Factory Opening

Factory setup projects typically range several months. During this time, our engagement managers provide guidance, and our technical consultants provide the type of assistance necessary to reach your objectives. You may opt to have us consult at every stage of the process or at specific stages.


Project Management

Launching a new factory on time and within budget requires careful planning and execution. Through facility construction, equipment installation, or even workforce training, our specialists can assist in developing and managing a feasible timeline across multiple stakeholders.


Site Selection

China is a large country with countless industrial hubs for manufacturers to choose from. CMC’s experts are familiar with the Chinese manufacturing landscape and can help you select the perfect location based on your budget and operational needs.


Building and Overall Layout

Considering your facility’s material flow and internal logistics at this stage will help your business maximize productivity in the long run. We consider every part of your production process to determine the best equipment and layout for your needs—aiming to reduce overall risk and save costs down the road.


Process Development

Here, our consultants dive deeper into the details of your operations. At this stage, we help you decide your requirements for equipment reliability and automation; how to arrange workstations for maximum efficiency; and how to ensure processes are tightly linked for lower costs and shorter lead times.


Hiring & Training

A successful factory launch requires the right people in the right places with the right skills. CMC can assist in determining how many employees are needed; what qualifications they should have; and how to hire, evaluate, and train them in time. This is also a great time to develop a company culture and test your equipment with your employees.


Factory Launch

On the home stretch, it can be easy to let your guard down but many things can go wrong at this stage: suppliers not delivering on time, equipment not working as expected, and so on. With a launch date quickly closing in, our experts can quickly troubleshoot issues and decide the next best steps to make your factory launch as smooth as possible.

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