Manufacturing Assessments And Observations In China

CMC’s experts visit your facility and offer thorough assessments and audits of your manufacturing, processes, and setup.

There are 3 assessment and observation services available:

  • Assess current practices, supply chain, and site organization
  • Audit your processes
  • Offer feedback on and improvements to future plans

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China Manufacturing Assessments And Observations

China Manufacturing Consulting

China Manufacturing Consulting

CMC offer expert consultation to your business focused on common areas which can be improved.

There are 3 types of consultation available:

  • Implementing lasting changes in areas such as factory setup, NPI & APQP, supply chain & ERP, and more
  • Issue solution involving technical expertise and tools
  • Maintenance of past implementation to guarantee that past improvement stay on track

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Contracted Factory Management

CMC are contracted to manage your facility. Contract terms are typically 3 years, contingent on CMC hitting certain deliverables focused on improvement of net profit percentage and quality.
The facility often requires a complete turnaround, in which CMC applies a variety of improvements in order to ‘stop the bleeding,’ and build a strong future base for performance.

Fee structure is based on a monthly base fee + a percentage of the additional profit the facility will earn under CMC’s management.

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Contracted Factory Management

Factory Acquisition


CMC works with investors to take a full or partial equity stake in your facility.

Then CMC takes the contracted factory management approach (outlined above) to work on improving the fundamentals of the company.

Fee structure for factory acquisition is dependent on each engagement’s unique features. CMC also retains equity and is set to benefit from a profitable operation and / or subsequent resale of the business.

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we serve

Assembly & Packaging

We focus on productivity improvements (through process improvement, changes in logistics, and line rebalancing) and human mistake prevention (training, poka-yoke, self-inspection…).

Light Manufacturing

Achieving a station of flowing production is harder than with assembly processes, but a lot of the same tools can be used: logistical and process changes, operator training and self-inspection, and mistake-proofing).

Heavy Machining

Depending on the situation, the priority might be setup time reduction, improvement of dies/moulds, or reorganization of human labor around the machines (often, lower-tech and more simple is better).

Sourcing Operations

We will map the entire workflow and help companies create and implement standard procedures and work instructions. We help companies modify their forms and tools to work more efficiently, and implement staff training so that improvements last.

Technical Processes

Many technical processes struggle with a lot of the same issues as assembly & packing, but it is harder to see it because “inventory” and “defects’ are less visible. Many of the same tools can be applied.

Business Services

Lack of procedures, poor information sharing, and low cooperation between departments are often the cause of long cycles and low productivity. Managers need to implement a totally new system.

Adapts the Type of Consulting Engagement to the Client's Needs