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    Factory Turnaround

    Factory Turnaround

    Do you need immediate improvement in a factory’s performance? And may not have the resources internally to implement these changes?

    Our veteran general managers and other key staff (Purchasers, HR managers, Quality Engineers) can work for you full-time, starting right away. We will implement the changes you need quickly while working hand-in-hand with the existing factory management, and being sensitive to existing relationships. Through training and showing the factory immediate “quick-wins” we will engage the factory staff and ownership. Then we will prepare the factory to operate without our involvement after the engagement period.

    Issue Solution

    Issue solution

    If your factory is suffering from an acute problem, for example poor planning or recurring quality issues, CMC experts can come in and show you a solution.

    Our manufacturing and department specialists generally have at least 20 years of experience in their field, which may including process improvement, maintenance, quality control, HR management, planning & purchasing, and specific technical capabilities. While helping you find a solution we will train your staff so that the effects are lasting and so that they have the skills to carry out continuous improvement.

    Production/Management Consulting

    Production/Management Consulting

    Do you feel like you have the right management team in place, but as though they still need guidance and support from experienced manufacturing veterans?

    Or are you looking to re-evaluate your production setup, or implement a performance review system? If you need advice and hands-on implementation from experts in China who have built first-class manufacturing facilities then you should consider engaging CMC in production or management consulting. By bringing experience and professionalism into organizations in China that need help, CMC has transformed organization and set them up for future success.

    Trading Companies

    Trading Companies

    Do you have a buying office or other company in China that needs better management, procedures, or training? We’ve seen that a majority of organizations in China suffer from insufficient communication, and a lack of process-oriented thinking. CMC is helping companies in China create and implement lean tools such as work-flows, procedures, checklists, trainings, and a wide range of support structures to help them perform at a high level.

    we serve

    Assembly & Packaging

    We focus on productivity improvements (through process improvement, changes in logistics, and line rebalancing) and human mistake prevention (training, poka-yoke, self-inspection…).

    Light Manufacturing

    Achieving a station of flowing production is harder than with assembly processes, but a lot of the same tools can be used: logistical and process changes, operator training and self-inspection, and mistake-proofing).

    Heavy Machining

    Depending on the situation, the priority might be setup time reduction, improvement of dies/moulds, or reorganization of human labor around the machines (often, lower-tech and more simple is better).

    Sourcing Operations

    We will map the entire workflow and help companies create and implement standard procedures and work instructions. We help companies modify their forms and tools to work more efficiently, and implement staff training so that improvements last.

    Technical Processes

    Many technical processes struggle with a lot of the same issues as assembly & packing, but it is harder to see it because “inventory” and “defects’ are less visible. Many of the same tools can be applied.

    Business Services

    Lack of procedures, poor information sharing, and low cooperation between departments are often the cause of long cycles and low productivity. Managers need to implement a totally new system.

    Adapts the Type of Consulting Engagement to the Client's Needs

    engagement types and factory consulting levels