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Improving Employee Engagement in Manufacturing

By David Collins III, 16 June 2022
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An engineer explaining the significance of Visual Management Board

Visual Management Boards: What Technology To Choose?

By Renaud Anjoran, 26 October 2021
Management/Turnaround, Process Improvement
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Title with text, 6 factory improvement ideas

6 Factory Improvement Ideas: Resources Manufacturers Shouldn't Miss!

By Renaud Anjoran, 28 April 2021
Management/Turnaround, Manufacturing Consulting, Mistake-Proofing, Manufacturing In China, Project Management Systems, Process Improvement
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Why You Need an App to Collect Critical Information in Your Factory Today

By David Collins, 26 October 2020
Management/Turnaround, Supply Chain Management, Process Control Systems, Process Improvement, Preventive Maintenance
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Factory worker doing maintenance on robotic arm

How To Get Your Manufacturing Automation Timeline Right

By Renaud Anjoran, 30 September 2020
Management/Turnaround, Automation
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factory workers listening to manufacturing consultants

Are Manufacturing Consultants Worth the Money?

By David Collins III, 28 September 2020
Cost Reduction, Management/Turnaround, Manufacturing Consulting
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Women working on ceramic

Family-Run Production Management in China Needs to Change

By Cindy Jin, 25 September 2020
Production Planning, Management/Turnaround, Manufacturing Consulting, OEM Manufacturing, Manufacturing In China
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Engineers overlooking green factory

Planning a Great Environmental Management System (EMS) in Your Factory

By Renaud Anjoran, 21 September 2020
Management/Turnaround, Social & Environmental Compliance, Environmental Management System (EMS)
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Why China Really Needs Lean Manufacturing Firms

By Renaud Anjoran, 17 September 2020
Lean Manufacturing, Management/Turnaround, Manufacturing Consulting
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busy manufacturing facility

Why Manufacturing Consulting Firms Are So Rare in China

By Renaud Anjoran, 13 August 2020
Management/Turnaround, Manufacturing Consulting
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Construction worker and manager planning and looking at clipboard

Setting Up A Manufacturing Quality Management System for Your Factory

By Renaud Anjoran, 29 June 2020
Management/Turnaround, Quality
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