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There are two main causes for production bottlenecks:

  1. Poor line balancing – some jobs are running slower than others, and materials pile up in front of the slowest ones.
  2. Poor process control and/or poor maintenance – the equipment does not run as it was designed to run. It is often down or busy re-processing materials.

In this post I'll focus on the first cause...

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Topics: Avoiding bottlenecks, Process Improvement

We see many Chinese factories consider investments to increase their capacity – sometimes moving to a different building – without analyzing what actually keeps their capacity down.

However, a factory can often multiply its output by 3 or 4 without moving and without very heavy investments.

How to analyze the actual vs. potential capacity of processes? By identifying bottlenecks and managing them. In this article we’ll explain how to do that...

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Topics: Avoiding bottlenecks, Management/Turnaround


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